Friday, June 14, 2013

Freebie Friday :D!

Each Friday I will be posting Freebies that I find on Amazon :D! Who doesn't love to get a free kindle book? If there are any price drops or bargain books that I find, I will also be posting them here on Fridays. The books I post are going to be YA and NA books. Hope you find something you like or been wanting to buy for a low price.

Free Books:

The Box by Christina G. Gaudet 

Dying To Forget by Trish Marie Dawson 

Fairchild by Jaima Fixsen 

The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard 

Just Remember to Breathe by Charles Sheehan-Miles 


$0.99 Books: 

Addicted to You by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie (New Release) 

Animate Me by Ruth Clampett 

Good Vibrations by S.L. Scott 

Maverick by Anna Cruise 

Chase by Chantal Fernando and Dawn Martens 



In My Dreams by Cameo Renae ($1.99)

The Trouble With Flirting by Claire LaZebnik ($1.99)

Darker Still by Leanna Renee Hieber ($1.99)

Cautious by E.L. Montes ($1.99)

Going VIntage by Lindsey Leavitt ($2.99) 

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