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Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Eliza Brown

Welcome to my first Author Spotlight featuring Eliza Brown :D! Eliza Brown is a new 2013 Debut Indie Author. You all know how I love and support all Indie Authors. Find out more about Eliza Brown and her books below! Don't forget to enter the giveaway below. Eliza Brown donated an ebook copy of Saving Stella for my 1,2000 Facebook Likes Giveaway :D!

Mini Interview with Eliza Brown:


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am mother to three crazyily cute little minions.
Wife to a 6"4 super sexy tree lopper.
Little sister to a nutbag, a fireman and a linesman.
And Author of what i like to think are Fan-Freaking-Tastic books!

2. Who are some of your favorite authors? Did some of these authors inspire you to become a writer?

Favorite Authors... There are soo sooo many. I'll try narrow it down. Abbi Glines, Elizabeth Reyes, Colleen Hoover, Jamie McGuire, Penelope Douglas, Gaelen Foley... These are just a few.
Abbi Glines Vincent Boys Series was one of the first series that i really fell in love with... She help begin my love of reading. In turn my desire to write.

3. When you get “writers block”, what do you do to help yourself break free from it?

I try to write through writers block. But to be really honest i haven't hit a real patch of writers block yet. Sometimes things get a little stale and i feel like the story is too dull, that's when i keep writing and hope i hit something good. You can always cut the crap if you know what i mean.

4. What was your inspiration for writing Saving Stella?

Stella and Sloan were born in my vast imagination about a year ago. I started writing down little thoughts i had here and there, one night about six months ago i had a perfectly vivid dream about Stella. I woke up and ran for my note book to scribble it all down before i forgot the dream. That's how Saving Stella was brought to life.

5. What are some of your future writing projects? Can you tell us a little bit about them?

I am nearly finished writing Sloan's Surrender, all about Stella's twin sister. Sloan is a bit twisted inside and your going to find out why.
I haven't yet decided if there will be more books for Stella and Sloan.
When i finish Sloan's Surrender I plan on writing a series involving some sexy tree loppers! Inspired by my husband and his line of work.
I'm also playing with some other ideas... A very dear friend of mine has been living with domestic violence for a long time, I want to bring awareness to other women either living in the same situation or with friends living with it.

What are some of your Saving Stella Favorite Quotes?

"Lets be honest here... Who wouldn't want all this." -Brayden Brooks

“Yea well, my balls nearly retracted back into my body when she pulled that thing.” - Brayden Brooks

“He’s no longer going to be banging your cheap ass Sally. Go find another root rat, this one’s reformed.” - Sloan Morgan

“I won’t bite, not yet anyway.” - Brayden Brooks

"My panties melt every time he walks in the door. I just wana strip my clothes off and worship at the alter that is his incredible body.” - Bianca (Stella's Receptionist)

“I thought I was playing it cool, no?” - Brayden Brooks

Debut Book: Saving Stella


After living the past six years of her life as a shadow of her former self Stella Morgan’s twin sister Sloan takes matters into her own hands. Setting her quiet, reserved sister up with her friend and boss Brayden Brooks.

But after the trauma of her past, can Stella ever trust another man? Can she overcome her demons to find her happily ever after?



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Bianca came bursting through my door like a bat out of hell. She was flushed and fanning herself with her hand. I started to reach for the gun I had stashed on the underside of my desk.
“Oh my GOD Stella! The most gorgeous man I have ever, and I mean EVER laid eyes on just walked in. He’s sex on a stick!”
My hand froze just before I reached the gun. I was confused. I knew all my clients, and none of them fit that description. Bianca had been working for me since I opened my doors for business she knew everyone too. Oh wait, I made space for Sloan’s boss today.
“Brayden Brooks?”
“Yea, that’s the name he gave me, I think? I kinda zoned out for a minute there just taking it all in you know?”
“Umm, no, I don’t know. I haven’t met him before. Sloan texted me yesterday asking me to fit him in. He’s her boss. You can send him in. I’m just finishing up.”
“Just give me a second. I need to prepare myself.”
Wow, Bianca had always leaned towards the dramatic but this was peculiar even for her. I raised my eyebrow at her, letting her know her time was up. She got the hint and returned to her desk.
A moment later there was a quiet knock at my door.
“Come in.”



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Can't get enough of Eliza's Brown writing or Sloan? Don't panic because Eliza Brown is currently working on Sloan's Surrender :D!


I have never wanted a woman so bad. She wasn’t my usual type, but I was changing, finally finding out who I am. A woman like Sloan had never even crossed my path before. Tattoo parlours weren’t somewhere the elite usually frequent.
She was all moody, aggressive and bitchy, I liked it. Sloan was nothing like the wana be stepford wives that had constantly been shoved in my face since I came of marrying age. They made me sick with their faked innocence, and eagerness to please. They wouldn’t dare say any of the things Sloan had said to me in the brief time I’d been here.
I couldn’t help but find myself wondering what she would be like in bed. Would she be this bossy? The idea of having Sloan in my bed was making me hard, if I wasn’t careful she would see straight through me. See how much I was enjoying this.
I had a feeling she’d run if she sensed my interest in her.
Bray was right, she’s an amazing artist, but she’s more than that. I’d like to find out just how much more she is.



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About the Author:

Mummy to three crazy cute lil minions.
Wife to a sexy tree lopper.
Little sister to a Nutbag, a Fireman and a Linesman.
Owner of a Big Ass Great Dane and a Slightly Psychotic Cat.
Writer of what i like to think are Fan-Freaking-Tastic books.
I discovered books can help you heal, give you motivation to go after what you really want in life and sooth the soul.
I had a strong desire to write a book of my own for quite sometime. So one day, I decided to do it. Simple as that. I had stories running around in my head and it was time to set them free.
I hope you will follow my journey as I discover myself as an author.


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Eliza Brown donated an ebook copy of Saving Stella

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