Saturday, May 4, 2013

What is this Blog About?

Hi everybody!

My name is Kassandra but everyone just calls me Kassie, which is why I decided to name my blog Kassie's Thoughts :)! I am going to finally start blogging this year! I have been putting this off for a very long time, because I was just too scared to start blogging. But this year I have decided to conquer my fears :D! I will mostly be blogging about books, because that is one of my true passions in life-reading and talking about books. I will write reviews about books-I will seriously try my best on this-to let people know of all the amazing books out their and their fabulous creators :). Will there be giveaways? Yes, I am going to try my best to do a decent amount of giveaways. Now, I will also be blogging about movies, shows, or musicals that I have seen and want to voice my thoughts on-hence Kassie's Thoughts :D!

Finally, I am still working on figuring out how blogger works and how to add stuff to it. I will be working on this very soon :).

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