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Blog Tour (Excerpt) & Giveaway: Heavenly Hell by Aria Williams

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Heavenly Hell
by Aria Williams
Release Date: 04/24/13

Summary from Goodreads:

You'd think being stuck in the body of a beautiful seventeen year old girl forever would be a gift. But when you are fallen, it is more like a curse.

Indiana was a beautiful angel, enjoying the perks of Heaven, until she was tricked by a demon to fall in love with him. She was forced to fall from Heaven and remain in her seventeen year old form, banished to Earth, for all of eternity.

Now, unable to cope with her banishment, she is a seemingly normal seventeen year old girl by day, while she spends her nights punishing men for the wrongs they have committed against women.

Although Indiana has lived on Earth for thousands of years, she recently settled into a small town, where she has finally been able to make some lasting friendships. When a handsome, mysterious boy comes to town, Indiana knows something is not right. He might end up her ally, or she might end up in the fight of her life.


Heavenly Hell (Heavenly Hell #1)

  Heavenly Hunted (Heavenly Hell #2)



The battered wife cases were my favourites; I loved to sort those guys out. There was one particular case that was drawing my attention, and this scum bag thought he had a great cover. I dialled the phone number to speak to this poor woman. I introduced myself and explained that I would be taking over this specific case. At first she questioned my young voice, but I asssured her I was much older than I sounded. She seemed happy with my explanation.  She wept on the phone while giving me detailed information; this phone call took quite some time. She had to constantly blow her nose and try to compose herself while giving me a full history. I had a feeling I was the very first person she had ever opened up to, and she was desperate for help. During the call I acted like her counsellor; I wasn’t too good at this stuff, but AJ had told me to just listen and allow her to get out the necessary words and emotions that were pent up within her. By the end, I felt like her lifeline—she needed me to survive—at least for the time being.



 About the Author:

I am an author with Limitless Publishing who loves to write YA and paranormal romance.



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