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Blog Tour (Review+Excerpt)& Giveaway: Crash Into Me by K.M. Scott

Welcome to my stop in the Crash Into Me by K.M. Scott Blog Tour, hosted by As the Pages Turn :D! For my stop I have a review, excerpt/teaser, and giveaway at the bottom of the post.


 Title: Crash Into Me

Author: K.M. Scott

Series: A Heart of Stone #1

Publication Date: August 28, 2013

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Source: e-arc was provided by author for the blog tour, in exchange for my honest thoughts and review



What would you give up for everything?

Tristan Stone was powerful, commanding, sex incarnate. And he wore it all so well. From the moment his mesmerizing gaze met mine, I had no choice but surrender to everything he was. His power. His decadence. His passion. He was all I never knew I needed.

He wanted to possess me, and I wanted to be his everything. All I had to do was accept what he offered. But everything has a price.

The world he gave me fulfilled my wildest dreams, but would that be enough when the past crashed into the present?


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 My Thoughts:


Whatever power he had over me I just couldn't fight it.

Crash Into Me by K.M. Scott is a great beginning to a trilogy! It had everything you would expect in an erotic romance novel, and trust me when I say that the sex was HOT! I still keep thinking of the tie scene and the Venice scene- you will just have to read the book to know what I'm talking about ;D! 

Whatever  it  was  that  I  was  letting  hold  me  back—fear,  mistrust—I  had  a  chance  to share my life with someone. I had a chance to not be lonely.

Our main character Nina Edwards is an Art History Graduate, and she is employed at a job that has her starting from the bottom ranks of her career- she is basically acting as caterer for an art exhibit. I seriously had problems with Nina's character. I didn't like her insecurities, outbursts, and fears that can relate to her outbursts. I do understand that she doesn't trust Tristan, because he is a stranger and knows so much about her. Who wouldn't freak out? But he is practically laying the world on her feet, and she is still feeling insecure and having fear outbursts. I was just not really connecting with Nina's character much. 

He  wasn't  a  man  who  spent  hours  talking  about what was on his mind. He decided on matters and they happened.

OMG Tristan Stone ladies!!!! What's not to love about his man? Tristan Stone is mysterious, sexy, a billionaire, commanding, possessive, protective, and a man without many words. Ok the last little bit always did get to me. He would seriously just give one word answers or very vague answers. Like I said before, this man is giving laying the world down on Nina's feet. His only desire is to make her happy, and by making her in return he is happy. Who wouldn't be swooning over Tristan? Tristan might be commanding and have all the money in the world, but he is not happy living the life of a billionaire. He has suffered a great loss at as a teenager, and he is hiding something from Nina that might send her running out of his life. 

I'd been foolish in not reading the entire contract, and now I was going to be forced to pay the price.

Once Nina signs the contract Tristan offers her, she is under his control for six months. Anything and everything can happen in those six months. By this contract their relationship starts to develop. At first it doesn't really seem that they are even in a relationship, but as the months go by they both start getting attach to each other. Their relationship is steamy hot sex with a little few sweet moments. Tristan has sweet gestures towards Nina, and these made me fall even more in love with him. But as everything starts to fall perfectly in place, K.M. Scott throws a little twist in the story that will change everything in Scott and Nina's relationship. Is this predictable? At first it's not very predictable, but after I read a scene it sort of clicked in my brain. 

"No matter what you see on the outside, no matter what I say, what's in my heart will always be just what's there at this moment. You"

Crash Into Me by K.M. Scott is a great start to a series. The ending just killed me! Why did you have to end it like that K.M. Scott?!?!? I can't wait to read Fall into Me :D!


 Final Verdict: 4 Stars





As I twirled around in front of the three way mirror, swinging the black skirt that matched perfectly with the grey see-through blouse, my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but I was in such a good mood, I broke my usual rule and answered it.
"Hello?" I sang happily to whomever was on the other end.
"Good morning, Nina."
My heart began pounding wildly at the sound of his deep voice. Tristan.
"I'm so happy you agreed to sign the contract," he purred into my ear. "Are you happy with my choices for you?"
I looked down at the clothes I wore and then around the room at all the beautiful outfits hanging there just waiting for me to love them. "You chose these?" I asked, stunned.
"Oh. I don't know what to say."
I didn't. It was all at once exciting and overwhelming to know he'd taken the time to come here and pick out clothes for me.
"What are you wearing, Nina?"
"The black silk skirt and grey see-through blouse. It's very nice."
"I'm sure you look beautiful in it. I want you to take it off," he said in a distinctly commanding tone.
"Do you want me to try a different outfit on and tell you if I like it?"
Confused, I did as he ordered and stood in my bra and panties, just as I had done in front of him the previous night.
"Okay. I took it off."
"Are you wearing only your pink panties and bra I saw you in last night?"
"Yes," I said with a smile as the memory of our time together flashed through my mind.
"Good. I want you to sit on the large ottoman in the middle of the room."
I did as he desired. "I'm sitting, Tristan."
"Good. Lean back and lie down."
I did as he ordered, loving the sound of his deep voice telling me what to do. "Okay."
"I want you to close your eyes and think about how it felt with my mouth on your pussy."
An involuntary moan escaped from my throat at the sound of his words entering my ears. This was the most he'd ever spoken to me, other than telling me about his plans for his house, and I loved hearing him talk like this.
"I love the taste of your juices on my tongue, Nina. Do you want me to make you come like that again?"
"Yes," I whimpered as I remembered his mouth on my body taking me to such exquisite heights of pleasure.



About the Author: 

A writer for years in other genres, K.M. Scott writes sexy contemporary romances like the ones that she loves. In love with love from the moment she picked up her first romance novel, she considers herself blessed that she has the chance to tell her own characters' stories now. When she's not writing, she can be found reading, feeding her addiction to TV, or cooking a new dish for family and friends. She loves to hear from readers, so drop by her Facebook page and say hi or e-mail me at



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