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Blog Tour (Review) & Giveaway: Sanctuary of Mine by S. Pratt

Welcome to my stop in the Sanctuary of Mine by S. Pratt Blog Tour, hosted by Krista at Book Addict Mumma :D! You can read my 4 star review and enter the giveaway at the bottom of my post :).

Title: Sanctuary of Mine


Author: S. Pratt


Series: Stand Alone


Publication Date: July 18, 2013


Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance


Cover Design by: Cover It Designs


Source: Ebook provided by author for blog tour, for my honest opinion/review



From the bestselling author of RUINED comes SANCTUARY OF MINE: 
When you see someone who looks like they need saving, you save them right? 
Mackenzie Deeks is struggling. Outwardly she plays the tough guy and acts like being a young adult with an eating disorder is no big deal. Inside, she's crumbling. 
Ever since her parents' divorce, the only way she has been able to feel in control of her life is by purging the despair that has its grips on her and won't let go. 
Tyler Redding knows when someone needs help - he's seen it before. This time, though, he's not going to take no for an answer. From the moment he first sets his sights on Mackenzie, he's unable to think of anyone else. But how can he focus on a football career when all he wants to do is date the most unassuming person he's ever met? 
As their lives become intricately entwined, it becomes more than wishful thinking when Mackenzie and Tyler find each other again as adults. With successful careers, a beachside lifestyle and each other's love to contend with, life should be pretty damn good. But just when they think they've found their wonderful kind of normal, their perfect world comes crashing down. 
It's going to take a lot to keep Mackenzie from succumbing to old habits, but Tyler thinks he might just be the one to save her for good.
WARNING: Advised for audiences 17+years.
*Includes a sample of Ruined


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My Thoughts:

Even though the evidence of malnutrition shows on my body, I feel so out of control that I am powerless to stop it.


Sanctuary of Mine by S. Pratt was an overwhelming read. I've read books about human trafficking, prostitution, and all those other tough topics people are uncomfortable talking, reading, or even discussing. But I have never read a book like Sanctuary of Mine that really lets the reader inside the mind of an anorexic or bulimic. S. Pratt really lets the reader see, experience, and understand a person who is suffering from an eating disorder.

I punish myself. I starve myself. I torture myself, mentally and physically.


In the beginning of Sanctuary of Mine we learn right away that Mackenzie is suffering from an eating disorder. Like I said before when I read Sanctuary of Mine I was overwhelmed with all of Mackenzie's suffering. Not only is she suffering from an eating disorder, but her parents are divorced and can't stand to be in the same room. Her parents divorce is what leads to her eating disorder. I've read about these disease before (did a research paper on it in High School), and this is just a very horrible disease. I can not even imagine what it would be like to suffer from any type of eating disorder- in second thought I can imagine now after reading Sanctuary of Mine. From the beginning Mackenzie is fragile, puts ups walls to not let people in her life, and she is fighting her eating disorder by herself. As the story progresses she becomes confident with herself, lets people in her life that support and help her, and she becomes a whole different girl. I rode the emotional roller coaster ride with Mackenzie's character right from the beginning and until the end. It was one of the most overwhelming roller coaster I've ridden.

"I think she'd be worth the fight."


I loved Tyler's character in Sanctuary of mine. I am just going to come out with it, because it was one of the things that kind of bothered me from the book. S. Pratt provides Mackenzie's POV and Tyler's POV. The only problem I had with this, was that Tyler only had a few chapters in his POV. I enjoyed reading from his POV, but I was sort of expecting the usual switch of POV that most authors do (Girls POV, Guys POV, Girls POV, Guys POV, etc...). Now that I got out of the way, let me just say that I loved Tyler. His character is thoughtful, caring, and lovable. I would have not expected this much from a jock in High School, but it is understandable because he suffered a great loss. As the story progresses he does not change, only his physical appearance does ;).

There is something, rather someone inside of me that he's unleashed ...

Mack is the kind of chick that I'd break all the rules for.

Mackenzie's and Tyler's relationship at the beginning of the book is like walking on glass- being super careful not to let anything slip-but at the same time they can not hide their physical attraction towards each other. Tyler knows from the start that Mackenzie has an eating disorder, but he still loves her and feels a strong pull towards her. Mackenzie does not know that Tyler knows that she has an eating disorder. So both of them are careful not to let anything slip that might ruin the progress of developing a relationship. But there is something huge that happened in Tyler's life that Mackenzie can not find out about, or else all will come down hill. The one thing I love about their relationship is, the support they both show towards each other. Now, once they both go their separate ways (won't tell you why) they still think about each other. I love the way S. Pratt made time go by before they reunite again :D!

Learning to love, learning to let go. Sometimes they are life's most valuable lessons.

Just when Mackenzie and Tyler have coped with so much- dealing with her eating disorder and the years apart from each other- S. Pratt throws us another heartbreaking event! This time I seriously cried my eyes out. Right from when the event happens I knew that everything was going to break down. I felt all of Mackenzie's pain again, and I cried with her throughout the whole thing. I am telling you this was such an overwhelming read for me.

I'm ready to live my life to the fullest. I want Tyler to know that I'm going to grab every single opportunity that is presented to me with both hands and run with it.

Sanctuary of Mine by S. Pratt was a overwhelming emotional roller coaster ride. S. Pratt presents us what is like to suffer from an eating disorder through her main character, Mackenzie. There has not been a book that I've read where I am completely sucked into the mind and the life of a person suffering from an eating disorder. I cried, suffered, loved, laughed, and felt all of these and more emotions through Mackenzie's character and Tyler's character. S. Pratt has gained a new fan of her writing and from her novel Sanctuary of Mine :D!


Final Verdict: 4 Stars



About the Author: 

S. Pratt is a multi-genre author who lives on the east coast of Australia in northern New South Wales with her husband and two children.
Shelly's breakout novel, Ruined and companion novella, Ruining Angel are contemporary romance fiction books available on kindle and print from the Amazon store.
Sanctuary of Mine is her latest work in the New Adult Romance genre. (Graphic Design by Cover It Designs). Available NOW.
Beloved Soul by Shelly Pratt is available through Amazon and is published through Eternal Press. Please note that Beloved Soul's cover artwork, editing and publication is all done through Eternal Press.
All other novels are written and published by S. Pratt. Editing acknowledgements go to those who are listed on each individual book title.
You can find all the latest information about Shelly and her other books (in different genres) by visiting or or


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