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Blog Tour (Review & Excerpt): Darkness Deserved by Jessica Spoon

Welcome to my stop for the Darkness Deserved by Jessica Spoon Blog Tour, hosted by Miles Apart Books :D! What will you find on my stop? You can read my 5 star review of Darkness Deserved and read an excerpt! 

Title: Darkness Deserved


Author: Jessica Spoon


Series: Shattering the Darkness #1


Publication Date:  July 21, 2013


Genre: New Adult/Adult, Dark, Realistic Fiction


Source: e-arc provided by author for the blog tour for my honest opinion/review.


Description from Goodreads:

Harper Reagan has been through everything a woman could possibly go through. Losing her parents and entering foster care, only to be abused by her foster father. Running away at fifteen, she enters the world’s oldest profession to survive. And survive she did.
If you call abuse, counted as property and tortured to no end surviving then that was what she did…survived. Her life was spared, but at what cost. Long ago Harper had died. Today, due to those decisions she made, she is left existing with no choice to do anything else. Staring the devil in the face daily for as long as she did, left its mark and pain behind for her to live with forever.
The pain of that survival scars her deeper than any physical wound she's ever received.
Harper is finally living a better life and has a great business, friends, and a home finally her own. She will do anything to keep her past hidden, including jeopardizing her only chance at love and a truly good man.
Breccan Caldwell is everything Harper doesn't deserve. He's gorgeous, successful, caring and a true gentleman.
Can Breccan show Harper who she truly is? Or will he be pushed out by the darkness she allows herself to be consumed with?


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My Thoughts:


I shut down every emotion I possess, like I’ve forced myself to do so many times before, and allow my brain and body to become numb with the pain. 

Where do I began?!?! For starters this book is not intended for readers that can not handle the subject of prostitution, violence, graphic scenes, and just dark and uncomfortable situations. I have to admit that there was only one scene in Darkness Deserved that made me uncomfortable, because of the violent graphic details. 
Right from the beginning, Darkness Deserved starts off in a really dark and realistic situation-Harper is having a nightmares of her experiences of being a prostitute. The first nightmare really gives you a taste to all the pain she goes through, and what she suffered at a young age. Jessica Spoon focuses Darkness Deserved on Harper's life after escaping her life as a prostitute. So Darkness Deserved is not really about prostitution, but we do get a sense of that lifestyle through the dreams Harper experiences throughout the book.

"My scars are just that. Mine. They’re mine to bear and no one else’s. You don’t go through what I did and not pay a price. These are my price to pay.”

I felt sympathy, sorrow, and pain for Harper's character because she is just really broken from inside. She might not seem broken from the outside, because she is really good at hiding her emotions. Harper puts up walls to block out others from affecting her, because she knows it is too dangerous to let others in her life. All the situations Harper goes through at a young age are just horrible. She not only caries physical scars on her body, but she has deeper scars that affect her (she can't let go of the demons of her past) and won't let her be completely free to live her life.

What I loved about Harper's character is that she is headstrong (not always a good thing), she is a fighter, she is compassionate, and just the fact that there is a great women deep inside her that can be released once she is able to deal with her demons.

I swear to you that I will not give up. You can try to hide forever, but it won’t work. You were made for me.

OMG BRECCAN!!!! Yup, Breccan is one of my new book boyfriends :D! What is there not to love about this handsome Adonie ;D (once you read the book you will understand). Breccan is a stubborn, hardheaded, loving, passionate, compassionate, sexy, panty-droper, alpha-male. Plus, the Breccan is a sexy original name (2 thumbs-up to Jessica Spoon)! Where should I began with Breccan? I think I already summarized everything in that one sentence above, but I will try to expand a little more.
Breccan really wants to be part of Harper's life, and he does everything in his power to make her realize how much he loves her. This is where I wanted to slap Harper, because there she has a great man standing in front of her, begging her to be part of his life. But. Harper believes that he just wants to be part of her life for a few weeks, because he is a complete womanizer- that changes once he meets Harper. You just NEED to read Darkness Deserved to meet this wonderful man.

“You make me lose it every time I look at you. Touch you. Smell you. Talk to you.” He says in between nips.

My lips touch his lightly and I breathe a sigh of relief. Drug straight to my veins. His lips part slightly and I graze my tongue barely inside. His hands let go of mine and run slowly to my waist and grip.

The physical attraction between these two is just explosive, literally the slightest touch ignites their fire. Once these two get it on in the bedroom, it is like a volcanic explosion- HOT, HOT, HOT! There are a lot of sex scenes in Darkness Deserved, but I am not complaining. I wish I had my own Breccan! Like I said their relationship is a lot about sex, but Breccan does everything to make Harper open up herself to him. He treats he like she is the most precious jewel he has ever held in his hands. Breccan is both gentle and rough with Harper, and I just loved that about their relationship.

I feel like I am finally finding my place in this dark world I’ve lived in for so long. 

Darkness Deserved by Jessica Spoon was dark, heart-wrenching, mind blowing read. I finished Darkness Deserved in one sitting-that's just how amazing this book was. I could not for the life of me put Darkness Deserved down. I will admit that I thought that I had the story figured out, and I thought I knew when something bad was going to happen. But none of that happened. I never knew what to expect next in the story, or what other nightmares I would read about Harper. 

I have one thing to say to Jessica Spoon about the ending. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO END IT LIKE THAT?!?!?!?!? I loved reading from Breccan's POV, but now I want-correction NEED- to know what is going to happen next. Is someone from Harper's life going to show up? Is hell going to be unleashed? Is Harper going to stay or leave? What will Breccan do now? I NEED Darkness Found NOW!!!!

Final Verdict: 5 Stars




***WARNING: Don not read if you will be offended by curse words and sexual references*** 

“Don’t call me that! What does that even mean? I don’t want you here! We’re done! Get-” He cuts me off as he forcefully grabs me and yanks me towards him and shoves his tongue in my mouth. He is squeezing me so tight it’s nearly painful. I refuse to kiss him back. Don’t do it Harper. Don’t! Be strong! He kisses me harder and I refuse to return it. He reaches down and grabs my legs, then wraps them around his waist. What is with this guy and constantly wrapping me around him? Oh, shit. He’s gonna slam me into the wall again! He quickly drops to his knees and then lowers me forcefully to the floor. He grinds his hips into me and I feel his erection on my stomach. Oh. My. God. I know I’m not gonna be able to hold out much longer. I start to push him away. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My brain is telling me to, but my body just wants to conform to his. And the son of a bitch knows it.
I’m pushing on his chest as hard as I can until he grabs my wrists and forces them above my head. He’s stretched out above me. And quite honestly, it’s the sexiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. He continues to kiss me and I continue to refuse to reciprocate. He grinds his hips into me again. His mouth moves from mine and trails down my jaw to my ear where he nibbles on my earlobe. He continues down my neck until he gets to the nook where it reaches my shoulder and he bites down. Hard. God, how does that feel so good? I swear I about come in my pants from it. I can’t stop the moan that escapes my lips.
“There’s my dove.” He whispers into my ear before coming back to my mouth.

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 About the Author:

Jessica grew up in a small town in Southern Iowa. She went to nursing school and became a nurse only to realize her passion was in writing and reading. She loves to spend her time with friends and is very close with her family. It took her a long time to realize she even had a joy of reading. Once having declared there was no point when the books always became movies. At twenty four she discovered how wrong she was and became obsessed with reading and made up for lost time by doing it non stop. She began writing when dozens of ideas kept flowing through her mind that she knew she had to get out.
Darkness Deserved is book 1 of the Shattering The Darkness Series and will be released July 23, 2013. Darkness Found and Darkness Ascends will follow at a later date

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